Day 1

The Fast God Prefers
Day One: Motives
Read Isaiah 58:2-5 in the Amplified Version if possible.
Isaiah speaks of Israel superficially wanting to know God’s ways.
Israel had made fasting a ritual while their hearts remained unchanged.
God asks Israel in verse 5, “Do you call this a fast and a day pleasing to the Lord?”
Think for a moment why you have committed to this 21 day fast.
  • Is it because you were trying to perform an annual religious rule of duty?
  • Is it because you felt you would be looked down upon by church leadership if you didn’t participate?
  • Is it because you are seeking God for breakthrough?
  • Is it because you desire a closer walk with your Heavenly Father?

Although self-discipline through fasting can be beneficial, and supporting the vision of your church is appreciated, fasting is more of a personal experience with God.
Although this fast is a corporate fast, more importantly, you are on a three-week journey with God.

During this fast, take time to ask the Holy Spirit to inspect the motives of your heart as to why you are doing this fast.
God does not care that we keep a ritual.
He cares that we pursue Him.
Ask the Holy Spirit to help your motives for this fast to reflect your pursuit of your Heavenly Father.

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