Day 3

Day Three:  The Value of You
For the Lord takes pleasure in His people…”. Psalms 149:4
Have you ever considered why Jesus endured the Cross?
Many Christians view the cross as a display of God’s sovereign power over Satan and his demons. And it was.
Many Christians also view the cross as the entry gate to their ticket to heaven.  And it is.
But, God could have established His sovereignty and power without Jesus having to endure the cross.
Jesus didn’t spill His blood just to save us so we could go to heaven.  His sacrifice was much more than that.
Jesus went to the cross, not only to redeem us, but so He, the Father and the Holy Spirit could once again enjoy an intimate relationship with us as intentionally planned from the beginning.
The next time you see a cross, think about how valuable you must be to God. 
You were redeemed because of love.
You were redeemed for fellowship.
And although this fast shouldn’t be compared to the hardships of the cross, the sacrifice you are now making is understood by Jesus and the Father.
While you endure this momentary unpleasantness, look ahead to the joy of accomplishing this fast.
You are investing in your relationship with God.
You are aligning your heart with His.
You were already of great value before you decided to commit to this fast.
Just think how proud your Heavenly Dad must be that you have decided to pursue Him.
Let this insight into your value propel you in the days ahead to keep going, enduring this small inconvenience for a few days, but reaping the reward of God’s heart for many days to come.

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