Day 15

Day Fifteen:  Clarity & Joy
“Then your light will break out like the dawn.” Isaiah 58:8 AMP
“And if you offer yourself to [assist] the hungry
And satisfy the need of the afflicted,
Then your light will rise in darkness
And your gloom will become like midday.” Isaiah 58:10 AMP

God has great rewards for those who will participate in the fast that He prefers.

When we take the time ourselves to provide food for the hungry and help those who are afflicted with sickness or other issues in life that are tormenting, we will be filled with clarity and joy.

As the verses above indicate, we may have been in a dark time in our own lives, but when we focus on the needs of others instead of just ourselves, God will cause the darkness to lift and new vision to come to us.

Our “gloom” or, in today’s terms, depression, will lift and our lives will be like the sun shining down at its brightest time of the day. Confusion will also leave and the the right paths will become evident to us.

Have you been struggling lately with difficult times?
Has depression seemed to creep its way into your existence?
Feeling confused?

Ask the Holy Spirit to show you how to turn your heart toward serving others, for in the serving is the key to your own victory.
Then, ask Him to show you opportunities to be a blessing to those in need.
  • There are areas such as the Village (fostering families and single parents), AGC Food Pantry, In-Touch Ministry for home-bound AGC members & the Golden Nuggets who are reaching out to those in need.
As you chose areas to serve in, expectantly look for the sun to begin to shine and illuminate the gloomy places in your life and clear vision begin to come.

There is a story by a minister whose congregant asked to speak with him because she was dealing with depression. His calendar was full for a couple weeks, so he told her until her appointment with him to begin baking cookies for other people.
When the time drew near for her appointment, she informed her pastor she no longer needed to talk to him. Baking the cookies for others got her mind off herself and onto helping meet their needs and the depression disappeared!

Start serving. Joy and vision are on their way!

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