Day 8

Day Eight: Power in Numbers
Have you ever noticed that miracles like healing, deliverance and salvations often occur in a place where believers are gathered together?

Many great revivals such as the Toronto Blessing, the Pensacola Revival and the Bay of the Holy Spirit Revival are marked with remarkable miracles and experiences.
Why is this?

Although God can, and at times does, show up where He pleases, He has chosen to work through His people, and has promised to be among their numbers when they are gathered in His name (Matthew 18:20).

And although it is a wonderful thing to have God’s Presence upon us as individuals, a greater effect can happen when we gather with other believers who also carry His presence.

When believers come together, having spent time in God’s Presence, and each person brings the Presence of God into a room, the supernatural probability for the miraculous increases.
As author Chris Tiegreen puts it, “The Spirit in many is stronger than the Spirit in one.”

As you prepare to attend your church this weekend, ask the Holy Spirit to show you how you can prepare to carry God’s presence into your church.

Just think what could possibly happen if others in your church are doing the same!

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